Culinary Festival: A Taste of Barbados


Taste of Barbados is a festival that runs for nine days in early October and is meant to give both locals and visitors the chance to experience Barbados’ culinary cornucopia, the best of local produce, and local chef wizardry.

Despite having a population of only 280,000, the island has more than 100 restaurants deemed worthy of inclusion in the Zagat Best of Barbados guidebook. As John Masters points out, “According to Zagat, it’s homegrown creations that visitors most savour. Special favourites are cou cou, an African dish made of cornmeal, and the always delicious flying fish, which can be steamed or fried. But Italian cooking is also very popular, as well as French, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and, of course, North American.”

Masters lists three events that should not be missed: the 18th-century feast at George Washington House, where Washington stayed for seven weeks in 1751 when he was 19 years old; the evening at Holder’s, a well-known estate that offers “a smorgasbord of Barbadian delicacies,” rum, and music; and the grand finale, Dining by Design, at the Lion Castle Polo Club. Dining by Design presents a street of intimate restaurants, each with an exotic menu and matching décor. Says Masters, “The island’s best restaurants are here and they go all out. [. . .] Delicious—and, at US$200 a head, pricey.”

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