Carib councilor advocates for radio station in Carib Territory

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Dominica News Online reports that the Carib Council has urged the island’s telecommunication authorities to issue a broadcast license to operate a radio station in the Carib Territory. Irvince Auguiste, a former Chief of the Carib Territory, said during a radio interview that the application for a broadcast license was made ten years ago, under then Chief Garnet Joseph. “For some reason or the other it’s just not coming through so we are still hoping,” Auguiste said. “I am mentioning it today so that the authorities concerned needs to be able to assist us,” he added. Auguiste said “an indigenous radio station for the Kalinago people would foster greater communication amongst the island’s 4,000 Caribs. He has argued that in most indigenous settlements around the world a community-based radio station adorns the airwaves, and he believes that Dominica should follow suite.” “The word of Carib people would be able to come out much better; it will assist education and cultural programmes as it relates to the Carib people. For some reason the authorities here have not been able to give us the green light to go ahead,” he said.

According to Auguiste the building to house the radio station is already in place.

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Irvince Auguiste is the force behind Touna Village, which invites visitors for tours of their community, located on the Western side of the territory, along the banks of the Pagua River in the Concord Valley.

Photo: Irvince Auguiste with Vassar College students during our visit to Touna Village in March 2009.

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