Documentary Film as Homage to Juan Bosch in Popular Commemoration Act


Bosch: Presidente en la frontera imperial [Bosch: President at the Imperial Front], a documentary film written and directed by the Dominican cineaste René Fortunato, will be presented at an act in homage to former President Juan Bosch and the Constitution of 1963. The events will take place on September 27 at 7:30pm at Parque Independencia [Independence Park] in Santo Domingo with a free screening of the film as part of the commemoration.

The documentary is a dramatic account of the most relevant moments of the constitutional government headed by Juan Bosch, which had massive popular support, showing its contributions and achievements as well as the process that led to the proclamation of the new Constitution of the Republic on April 29, 1963. Bosch’s democratic government, which received almost 70% of the votes in 1962, was toppled by a coup on September 25, 1963. The events at Parque Independencia will serve to render tribute, not only to the memory of Juan Bosch, but also to the men and women who defended the Constitution in the streets of Santo Domingo in 1965.

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