Che t-shirt upsets Miami


Two t-shirts for sale at the Miami outlets of chain store Urban Outfitters have caused a stir in the city. The upsetting tees—a red shirt with the word Communist across the center and a white one with an image of Che Guevara—became the subject of controversy before they were pulled out of stores. The Communist tee can be still found on store’s website, but the Che shirt  is only sold on the store’s European website.  “We got a lot of complaints when we sold it online,” said the employee from the Shops of Sunset Place location.

West Dade resident Amarys Souto-Marine, 31, said she compares selling the Che tees to selling a shirt with Hitler’s face on it. “It is a lack of respect to sell these shirts in Miami which has a huge Cuban community. It would be as offensive, for example, to sell Hitler shirts in Miami Beach where there is a huge Hebrew community,” said Souto-Marine. “Che executed people just for simply not agreeing with his political ideologies. The sad part about it is that he wasn’t Cuban and went to impose another county with his revolutionary ideas,” added Souto-Marine.

Ivan García, 29, walked out of the Shops of Sunset Place store when he saw the Che shirt. “I was going to buy another shirt that said Dynomite, but they just lost my business,” said Garcia. “This country stands for freedom, but Che represented the opposite. My family like thousands of others came here for freedom. I really don’t know how Urban Outfitters can be so ignorant.”

Others outraged in the community have started calling Urban Outfitters to complain and spreading the word by blogging. Valentin Prieto, the founding editor of the Babalu Blog has a page dedicated to the topic. “I get letters on a weekly basis from all over the world on this phenomenon,” said Prieto. “We have been fighting to get the truth about the real Che out there.”
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4 thoughts on “Che t-shirt upsets Miami

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  2. Amarys Souto-Marine’s comment in the article is completely ridiculous. Guevara was nothing like Hitler. What astonishing ignorance that comment displays.

    Last time I checked, Miami was part of the United States, which means people have a protected right to say or wear any slogan they wish, no matter how offensive it may be to someone else. The truth is, someone is always going to be offended by something.

    While I understand Urban Outfitter’s reason for pulling the shirts, I do not agree with it. It is another example of cowering to ignorant bullies.

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