The New York Daily News interviews La India


Today Central Park celebrates People en Español’s Fiesta 2009, an all-day event which features, among other artists, the Puerto Rican-borm, Brox-raised star La India. To mark the occasion, the New York Daily News interviewed the singer of the poignantly confessional hits “Ese Hombre” (“That Man”) and “Sola” (“Alone”). Here are some excerpts. You can find the link to the complete interview below.

Where do you live now?
For the last nine years, I have lived in Caguas, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is not like it used to be; I really see it as more modern. And the men are so beautiful, so sensual and ready for anything, and that attracts me a lot. I am a single woman. Looking, you know.

You have talked openly about your heartbreaks. How is it going?
I married young to [music producer Little] Louie Vega. Then I suffered through a divorce because I didn’t want to be unfaithful. We spent a lot of time apart, but in reality he is the love of my life. I admit that it’s been 10 years, but I haven’t been able to overcome that love … even though he is married and has a son. … After him, I got some very strange men and I had to scrap with them and everything. I was in the news. My fans saw me running after an ex-boyfriend holding a hot frying pan. [Laughter] You fall and you get up and you have to keep walking. That is what determines having courage and being strong.

What are you working on?
What’s next for me is a musical venture. Obviously, it’s been three years since I have released a tropical salsa album, and a lot of people want to know what I’m going to do.

What happened with the CD you were working on in 2007?
I wanted to do an homage album to Celia [Cruz], but there was a dispute over the songs because some songs couldn’t be recorded and they were the songs I wanted to sing. … I got thinking that if Celia didn’t like people singing her songs when she was alive, imagine now. Neither am I going to go to Cuba. I made a promise to her that I will go when Cuba is free, when Fidel Castro leaves.

Have you made any statements about Juanes’ controversial concert in Cuba on Sept. 20?
No, because I feel sorry about what’s going on. Obviously, Juanes had to know that when he said he was going to Cuba for peace, this was going to happen. How many artists have lost their careers because they went to Cuba? It happened to Danny Rivera, to Lucecita Benítez, to Andy Montañez — and I imagine that it will fall big on the ones that are going from Puerto Rico on this trip. … I feel sorry for them because I know that they are talented and that politics has nothing to do with music, but they have to know that going to Cuba is taboo. Everybody knows that!

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