8th Annual Aruba Music Festival: October 9th and 10th


The Aruba Music Festival is one of the longest running festivals in the world, dating back to the 1980s. Held annually, the Festival was originally titled the “Aruba Jazz and Latin Festival” and featured a varied array of outstanding talent including Tito Puente, Marc Anthony, Arturo Sandoval, and Carlos Santana. In 2002, the Festival was expanded to a broader base of music, moving away from strictly Jazz and Latin music to a more diverse offering with appeal to North Americans, South Americans, and Europeans. The Festival was renamed the “Aruba Music Festival” with a set date of the first week of October (Columbus Day weekend in the United States).

The Music Festival has steadily grown in stature over the last seven years, based on the outstanding variety of talent they have been able to present. In fact, the Festival has become an annual event for many individuals visiting Aruba. The Music Festival annually draws visitors from over 20 countries, which gives it a very international flavor.

The Festival is scheduled for October 9-10 and will feature Mexican singer Paulina Rubio, Earth, Wind and Fire, and Fonseca, among others.

For more information go to http://www.aruba.com/sigma/arubamusicfestival/index.html

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