The Harder They Come reviewed


The musical based on the Jamaican film The Harder They Come has opened in Miami and the reviewers have found highly positive things to say about it. The Miami Herald finds that it has “potent music with a Jamaican touch,” while the South Florida Times thinks it is not to be missed. Here are some excerpts from the Miami Herald Review:

 To twist an old ad slogan, you don’t have to be Jamaican to love The Harder They Come. But truth be told, in order to absorb all the cultural resonances in the stage version of Perry Henzell’s famous 1972 movie, you almost have to be Jamaican.

In Miami, where the exuberant British production of The Harder They Come has just opened at the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, finding an audience that really gets the show is no problem. The city’s Jamaican community is turning out: You can hear it in the pockets of laughter that follow lines delivered in a lilting patois.

Those without that cultural connection can check out the “Jamaican patois” glossary in the program, but who wants to cram before a night out? Better to surrender to the considerable power of this musical’s score, an amalgam of reggae, gospel and folk tunes artfully chosen to underline the emotional journey of the story’s doomed “hero,” Ivan O. Martin.

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