Conboca (Periodical)


The periodical Conboca was put together by Abdiel Segarra (director), Ralph Vázquez (editor), and Omar Torres Calvo (graphic design) with the participation of writers/artists/collaborators including Javier A. Román, Elizam Escobar, Antonio Quijano, Vanesa H. Gracia, Ralph Vázquez, Chemi González, Joe León, Christian Ibarra, Karlo Ibarra, and Jeanne d´Arc Casas, among others, as a much-needed “space for the discussion and analysis of reality and established duties.” The free publication gathers varied themes ranging from “a bittersweet look at Old San Juan, a commentary on the death of Filiberto Ojeda Ríos, a historical account of Puerto Rico´s colonial situation,” and writings on gender studies.  It also features pieces on the exploration of culture through film, art, dance, music, theater, and poetry. Autogiro blog ( calls it “an excellent project that leaves us craving for the next issue.” The title, Conboca, is a play on words: con boca, having a mouth (a periodical with a bite?) and convoca, from the verb convocar, to organize, to summon, to call, to invite, or to convene.

Conboca is now announcing its second issue (gathering articles from October to Decemeber of 2006). The Conboca blog, however, has been up and running for the past three years, with the exception of a short hiatus between May and August this summer.

For more on the periodical, write to or

See Conboca, the blog, at

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