Dominican Film La Soga to Premiere at Toronto Film Festival


Actor and director Manny Pérez will participate in the Toronto Film Festival in September with his film, La Soga [The Rope]. La Soga is a film “about the personal journey of a brave man who risks everything to find justice, is a visceral and gripping story of redemption that lays bare brutality and corruption.”

The film, which has been compared to Fernando Meirelles’ City of God and Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Amores Perros, was shot in the streets of Washington Heights, New York, and the Dominican Republic’s Santiago de los Caballeros and Baitoa, where Pérez was born.

Other cast members working alongside Pérez are Denise Quiñones (the ex-Miss Universe from Puerto Rico), Juan Fernández, Alfonso Rodríguez, Paul Calderón and Celinés Toribio.

See article atérez -film-La-Soga-to-premiere-at-Toronto-festival

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