Grenada Launches Dis is Spice Mas Carnival Magazine


 The Grenada Ministry of Culture has launched its forty-four page carnival magazine which highlights some of the best moments of Spice Mas’ 2009. Dis is Spice Mas features photos of highlights and events from the various activities of carnival.

Prime Minister Tillman Thomas and Minister of Tourism Glynis Roberts were both presented with a copy by the chairman of the Grenada Cultural Foundation, Mr. Hugh Dolland. Thomas, who is also Minister of Culture, described the launch of the magazine as a proud moment for his ministry and underlined the importance of team work and partnership for the successful outcome. Roberts noted the quality of the product and also congratulated the editor, Nisha Mc Intyre, for her hard work and dedication in making the magazine a success.

For full article,–32-32–.html

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