Update on the Porfirio Rubirosa film


Antonio Banderas confirmed today that he will play the leading role in a forthcoming movie on the life of Dominican playboy Porfirio Rubirosa. The movie, now in pre-production, will begin filming in 2010 and will be co-produced by Banderas through his production company Green Moon and by the Sierralta Entertainment Group. The movie will be titled The First Playboy and will be directed by Mexican director Luis Mandoki. (Earlier reports had identified Luis Llosa as a posible director). “I feel like a child of Porfirio,” said Miguel Sierralta, Banderas’ Production partner.  “I have been working on this Project for five years. I have been chasing Antonio for a year and a half.”

The role of Porfirio Rubirosa was one of the first offered to Antonio Banderas when he moved to Holllywood after a stellar career in Spain. The movie project never prospered, but it led to Banderas’ developing a deep interest in the legendary Dominican playboy. Eva Longoria seems to have fallen under the same spell and is in negotiations for the role of Flor de Oro Trujillo, the Dominican dictator’s daughter and Rubirosa’s first wife. Earlier reports spoke of Mexican actress Salma Hayek as the favorite for the role. Longoria may also join the film as a producer. Among the actresses under consideration to play Rubirosa’s other wives and lovers are Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith, Juliette Binoche and Charlize Theron.

“We want to keep the movie as an independent project so as to be able to keep artistic control and in order to remain faithful to Rubirosa’s story,” Sierralta said.

The movie will be filmed in Prague, Argentina, Spain (Sotogrande), and Santo Domingo.

Original report (in Spanish) at http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2009/09/02/cultura/1251926818.html

Photo of Antonio Banderas, Luis Mandoki, Arnaldo Salazar, and Miguel Sierralta from El Mundo (Spain).

13 thoughts on “Update on the Porfirio Rubirosa film

  1. I believe in this film about this amazing personality. I believe it will be a success even more than Howard Hughes’s “Aviator”. Both Mr. Rubirosa and Mr. Hughes had similar lives, Mr. Rubirosas will be more appealing to the public because this mans life is a dream to many. I hope I can be involved in this some way or another. I can put my time, love and passion for this film if I’m allowed.

    Miguel Borunda Yanar

    1. Senor Banderas,

      Soy Miguel Boya (Miguel Borunda Yanar), me encantaria ser parte de su proyecto de Porfirio Rubirosa. Estoy a sus ordenes.

  2. this man was unique in evry way possible in his era. ruben blade, one of latin america most famous artists, said rubirosa’s life was more interesting than james bond’s. thats cool man.

  3. I would love to get involved in this
    project. I have a script “The Cribbean Casanova”
    written 10 years ago. If you’re interested
    I can be reache at 818-753-1109 or 818-284-1109
    George Martinez, Screen Gems’s Executive producer (international Hispanic Division

    1. George, how are you and the family my friend. It’s been too long.
      I’ll try to phone you this weekend.
      Later Amigo

  4. Well folks…..I just saw this and hoped George Martinez would do right by the actual writer of this story Harold L Winslow…..I know because I’m his brother and know George.
    Sure hope someone will check into this.

    1. what do you mean they are going to ruin a great story? do you meam by actually trying to script his life in film? thus ruining the story of Rubi’s life and legend? (just curious….)

  5. Rubirosa was a murdering bagman for one of the worlds greatest butchers- trujillo of the Dominican Republic. He met his death in a very appropiate manner-violent and fast!

    1. So I wonder…was his real appeal to countless unhappy wives whose husband simply did not “measure up” and they were dying to feel alive? After all, many women marry for money or in haste and end up unhappy.

  6. I hope this film is actually made. My father tells me so many stories of Porfirio’s life. He was my grandfather’s brother.

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