Puerto Rico to Honor Spanish Poet Miguel Hernández (1910-1942)

Miguel Hernandez 6 JR

Singer Danny Rivera and broadcaster David Ortiz Angleró are in the process of editing a CD/book containing poetry readings and poems set to music as part of the many activities planned in Puerto Rico to commemorate the centennial of Spanish poet Miguel Hernández’s birth in 2010.

Puerto Rico is one of the 16 countries that will render tribute to the poet’s contributions by through various events and performances that will take place in Orihuela, Spain, where Hernández was born. The island will also present diverse events locally. Rivera and Ortiz join a collective of artists and entertainers like trovador Eduardo Villanueva, singer María Isabel Rodríguez, poet Marcos Reyes Dávila, and columnist Luz Nereida Pérez, among others, to help disseminate information about Hernández’s life and work to the general public. Pérez states that the poet is “well known in intellectual, and perhaps professional, circles, but is not well known by the public-at-large.”She adds, “We want the people to know about the exemplary life of this universal poet.”


For the CD-book project, Ortiz will lend his poetic voice for the readings; Rivera will be in charge of setting poems to music. Inspired by the work of Joan Manuel Serrat, who first set Hernández’s poems to music in the 1970s, he has chosen 10 poems for this project. Rivera indicates that the poems will be set to a Caribbean musical fusion; some of the instruments that will be used are the güiro, maracas, and the cuatro (a guitarlike instrument with four or five pairs of strings), all typical of the island’s traditional folk music. The CD will have a distinctly Puerto Rican flavor.

For full article by María Ivette Vega Calles, see http://www.elnuevodia.com/homenajeaunpoetauniversal-609519.html

Image of Miguel Hernández from http://www.lucis.me.uk/voices.htm

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