New Album: Nas and Damian Marley’s Distant Relatives


Hip-hop star Nas and Damian “Jr Gong” Marley are completing a forthcoming CD titled Distant Relatives, a collaborative album created by the two artists to celebrate the deep-rooted connection between their music and Africa.

Nas and Marley “have a relationship built on learning. Throughout the course of their musical careers, the duo has learned from each other through an appreciation of one another’s style.” The pair first met in 1996, but experienced a true rapport in the recording studio, after they recorded “Road to Zion,” a track from Marley’s critically-acclaimed album Welcome to Jamrock (the album was released in 2005 and earned a Grammy for Marley.) Eager to work together again after such a positive experience, the two have joined forces again for Distant Relatives. The album features Marley’s signature instrumentation combined with Nas’ hard-hitting beats and lyrics. The title Distant Relatives refers to Nas and Marley’s chemistry and family-like relationship, but also pays homage to their African ancestry and the connections so many of us trace to Africa and its legacy. In addition to work on polishing the new album, Nas and Marley will launch a multi-continent concert tour to showcase the new material.

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