Bermuda’s 400th Year Commemorative Stamps


The 1609-2009 collectable stamps commemorating the anniversary of Bermuda and the strong ties between Bermuda and Jamestown, the first permanent English settlement in the New World, are now on sale. The stamps depict the two ships, the Deliverance and the Patience, built in Bermuda after the Sea Venture was shipwrecked on its way to Jamestown, Virginia.

In July 1609 crossing the Atlantic with a small fleet of supply ships, Admiral Sir George Somers headed for Jamestown aboard the Sea Venture. Caught in a massive hurricane and after days of being tossed around in rough seas, the Sea Venture is wedged on a reef off Bermuda. All 150 colonists onboard are saved and set out to build two new ships with parts of the salvaged Sea Venture wreckage and native Bermuda wood. The two new vessels built are christened the Deliverance and the Patience.

When the Deliverance and Patience finally arrived from Bermuda in May of 1610, they found a decimated population. Only 60 desperate survivors were left in Jamestown, from what was once a population of approximately 550. In June 1610 Jamestown was temporarily abandoned when both the Deliverance and Patience set sail back to England with the rescued colonists. But shortly after they set out, they met up with three new ships arriving from England with fresh supplies. Once the new settlers arrived, Admiral Somers returned to Bermuda, reportedly with the intentions of bringing back wild hogs discovered in Bermuda, for food. However, Somers died in Bermuda in November 1610.

The Deliverance and Patience commemorative stamps are available from the Bermuda Post Office. Information about purchasing them is available by e-mailing

For more information about Bermuda’s 400th Anniversary Celebrations, see

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