Barbados Pays Tribute to African Ancestors


Prime Minister David Thompson urged Barbadians not to forget their past in a tribute yesterday to the African cultural legacy of Barbados. The resilience, fortitude, and ingenuity of over two million Africans brought to the island during the British Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, was honored as the government of Barbados unveiled a plaque to commemorate the abolition of slavery.

Pointing out that the Barbados government understood and appreciated the sacrifices made by the island’s ancestors, Prime Minister Thompson called on people to remember their “phenomenal ability to overcome all challenges placed in their way with quiet, enduring dignity.” He emphasized that they should to “keep the memory alive,” not take freedom for granted, and have pride in the African legacy: “We should recognize that we are of strong noble stock and that we have within us the fortitude and the ingenuity to make the adjustments necessary to enable us to emerge from any challenges.”

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Image of Agostino Brunias’ The Barbadoes Mulatto Girl from

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