Barbados Will Host International Sailing Championship


Barbados, deemed the Sports Mecca of the Caribbean, will host the 2010 Fireball World’s Sailing Championships. The tournament will feature two segments: the International Championship during April 26-30 and the World Championship during May 2-7. The regatta will be held at the Barbados Yacht Club and produced by the Barbados Sailing Association on behalf of Fireball International.

Presently there are 18 countries with fireball teams drawn from Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia, North America, the Netherlands, and South Africa, all of which are expected to generate over 80 boat teams to compete in the 2010 championships. There is also an opportunity for four local teams to participate.

On August 25, Minister of Tourism, the Honorable Richard Sealy, will travel to the 2009 Fireball Worlds in La Rochelle, France to host a “Barbados Night.” The event will consist of a slide presentation highlighting Barbados’ beaches, hotels, night life, and sailing conditions, against a backdrop featuring steel pan music, rum cocktails, and special giveaways, all serving to promote the 2010 championships. The 2009 winners will also be presented with complimentary air and accommodation, which will guarantee their ability to defend their title in 2010, while Virgin Atlantic has committed to offering special rates for all persons travelling from London to Barbados for the tournament.

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