Barbados Crop-Over Acts Come to New York for Labor Day Weekend


The best acts from this year’s Crop-Over Festival [see The Barbados Crop Over] are heading for New York City for Labor Day celebrations. This is an initiative by two Bajan-American promoters who feel that Barbados and Barbadian artists are poorly represented in this multicultural city. Save the efforts of the Barbados Tourism Authority (BTA), Andy Fax Vaughn from Bayville Entertainment claimed that except for the Barbados truck on the road during the massive West Indian Carnival, very little is done to showcase Bajan talent. Vaughn and his business partner, Anthony Harris, are addressing this absence with the staging of a star-studded concert in Brooklyn over the Labor Day weekend.

The show dubbed Cohobblopot: The Best of Barbados will feature acts such as reigning Calypso Monarch Red Plastic Bag, Tune-o-de-Crop winner and People’s Monarch Edwin Yearwood, Krosfyah, Peter Ram, and others. Vaughn explained that the idea behind the concert was also “to showcase to Bajan-Yankees who were unable to come ‘home’ during Crop-Over, the popular artistes from fêtes over the six-week festival back home.” He added, “ON one stage for one night we’re trying to get all the music they missed and say to them, look this is what happened back home.”

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Photo of Krosfyah’s Edwin Yearwood from

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