New ferry service expected for Eastern Caribbean


At long last, it seems that there may be a way to explore the Eastern Caribbean in a rational manner through a new ferry service that will connect Barbados, St. Lucia, Trinidad, Grenada and St. Vincent. The service, which joins the connections between Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, and St. Lucia offered by L’Express des îles, is expected to start operating daily by late October, according to Grenada-based BEDY Ocean Line. Prices will range from $120 to $140, and some trips will last up to nearly four hours, CEO Benjamin Ross said Tuesday. (See schedule information here Schedule information for new Caribbean ferry)

The announcement comes as travelers face pricier airline tickets, increased baggage restrictions and canceled flights by regional carrier LIAT due to wage disputes. It would also help travelers who often need to make complicated connections to reach islands that are within a few miles of each other. One ferry will be based in St. Vincent and serve Barbados and St. Lucia, while another will operate out of Grenada and serve Trinidad and Barbados, Ross said. Between 260 to 300 seats will be available per ferry. Passengers will be allowed to carry two 60-pound (27-kilogram) suitcases without charge, and alcohol is prohibited on board.

In 2005, Barbadian company Remac Tours announced it would offer ferry service between Barbados and Guadeloupe, with stops in St. Lucia, Dominica and Martinique. But the service was never begun for internal reasons not related to costs or demand, CEO Reynold McClean said. Currently, in addition to L’Express des îles, only a couple of ferries operate between Florida and the Bahamas and among Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the British Virgin Islands.

33 thoughts on “New ferry service expected for Eastern Caribbean

  1. as an avid traveller i welcome it with open arms, what an ease for the poor like myself and friends, hurry up, god truly answers prayers

  2. I hope this actually happens. airline prices are becoming increasingly ridiculous. I was on a flight to bdos last week which got delayed by an hour and a half from trinidad…and when i was coming back my flight left early..45 mins earlier! imagine missing your return flight!

  3. So what is the name of the Company and are Foreigners going to get all the JOB and IS it Foreign Owned?? hhmmmmmmmmmm I wonder

  4. Gooday i am interested in finding out how i can purchase tickets for the Inter island ferry that is supposed to have started in October.

    1. Hi:
      The ferry service is due to start on October 20th. We will post the information as soon as we get it.

      1. I am from Barbados and am interested in a job on this new ferry service .Could you please give me an email address that I could apply to , i already sent one email to BUt have not got a response.

  5. Hi i have some Vacation Apartment that i would like to advertise along with the ferry service as a package .. who can i contact ??

  6. who are the agents in St lucia. We need the contact information so we can make arrangements to travel to the islands. We think it is s great thing because the airlines prices are unbelievable.

  7. Was in Grenada Oct, but launch delayed as far as Grenada Port authority concerned over safety issues. Hope it’s ok now ‘cos Liat is taking liberties now!

  8. This guy “Benjamin Ross” is a thief. This idea was developed by a New York source. Benjamin Ross doesn’t have the resources to bring a project of this scope to the islands. If Benjamin Ross were a man of honor he would admit he can’t perform this task and permit other more capable businessmen to get the job done. I’m calling you out Benjamin Ross either finish the task at hand or get out of the way.

  9. Looking forward to the day when we can board this ferry and visit friends and relatives in the other islands. Thank you for the service.

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