The Dominican Republic Celebrates the Restoration of the Republic


Today (August 16) the Dominican Republic celebrates Restoration of the Second Republic, when Dominicans fought against Spain once again for their sovereignty, which was first proclaimed on February 27, 1844. On this day, numerous political and social events are planned to commemorate the restoration of independence.

The hero of the restoration was General Gregorio Luperón (1839-1897). When Luperón was 22 years old, General Pedro Santana instituted the annexation with Spain. The young man joined the group of rebels who were against annexation. He was soon arrested but he escaped and fled to Haiti and then to the United States. Luperón returned to the Dominican Republic to fight with the insurgent forces and eventually led the rebellion called El Grito de Capotillo [the Cry of Capotillo] on August 16, 1863, after which he became a general. This date was proclaimed as the official date of the second independence and the establishment of the Second Republic, although armed battles and internal disagreements continued until 1865. Genera Luperón will always be remembered as the politician and patriot who led the struggle for independence.

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