Dominican Mountain Region Emerges as Ecotourism Attraction


The mountainous zone La Sierra, formed by the towns Sabana Iglesia, Baitoa, Jánico, and San José de las Matas in Santiago, and Monción in Santiago Rodriguez provinces, begins to emerge as a gigantic ecotourism attraction of 2,500 square kilometers.

The zone borders with two of the most important parks on the south slope, J. Armando Bermúdez and José del Carmen Ramírez, home to two of the country’s most important water sources, the North Yaque and Bao rivers, which feed the aqueducts, irrigation systems, and energy through several hydroelectric dams for the vast Cibao and Northwest valleys.

San José de las Matas Development Association president Francisco Abreu says ecotourism and agribusiness, are spearheading La Sierra’s definitive launch. He said the time has come for the zones’ definitive development, further sparked by its crystalline spas and its pleasant and healthy climate. He noted that most of the Spaniards who settled in the zone in the 19th century knew that living under La Sierra’s climate and pleasant surroundings was one of the ways to remain healthy and to cure numerous ills.

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