Photographer Raul Touzon Teaches Workshop in Puerto Rico


National Geographic photographer Raul Touzon will teach a photography workshop at Casa Aboy, in Miramar, Puerto Rico, from August 20 at 9:00am to August 23 at 6:00pm.

Born in Cuba, Touzon is a documentary and underwater photographer who specializes in making images that convey what he refers as to “the eternity of a moment”. Raul has traveled extensively in Latin America documenting its cultures and building an extensive collection of dramatic photographs which have been used in publications such as National Geographic Magazine, National Geographic Travel, Time, and US News among others. His two latest articles in National Geographic Magazine can be found in the December 2007 issue (“Ruta al Ruedo, Kids in Bullfighting”) and in the January 2009 magazine (“Little Haiti”).

In 2001 Touzon founded Raul Touzon Photography and partnered with the Santa Fe Workshops to start producing photo workshops in the town of San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. Today in addition to San Miguel, operations in Mexico have expanded to the states of Oaxaca, Quintana Roo, and Michoacan, where he teaches over 20 workshops a year in partnership with the Santa Fe Workshops ( and National Geographic Expeditions(

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One thought on “Photographer Raul Touzon Teaches Workshop in Puerto Rico

  1. dear raul,

    im trying to figure out how to send you a link; to my account at; Shutterfly! there, i recently posted photos of the miami trip, that i never shared with the 1/10/10 miami beach!~class.
    to let you know:
    i greatly enjoyed the entire
    it was truly a privilege to be your student.


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