A bit of non-news on Naipaul


The New York Observer reports on “The Curious Case of the Missing Naipaul,” whose name disappeared last week from his new literary agent Andrew Wylie’s website, with whom he recently signed on as a client after 30 years with Gillon Aitken. The Observer writes:

For a little while there, it was easy to let your imagination run wild. Honeymoon cut short as famously difficult author splits from new agent after just mere months! Wylie loses prized catch! Et cetera. But alas, it turned out this was just an error—apparently there was some confusion with the .html file that’s supposed to feed the most current version of Wylie’s list onto the agency Web site—and by Monday morning, Mr. Naipaul’s name had been restored to its proper place, sandwiched happily between the Kafu Nagai Estate and the Kenji Nakagami Estate.

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