Tensions in Haiti-Dominican Republic border


The military has heightened the vigilance and security measures in the Haitian-Dominican border at Dajabón, to avert new clashes between Dominicans and Haitians, after a Haitian citizen allegedly murdered Carlos Espinal Jiménez, 23. Local television reports that the bi-national market has been suspended, prompting Haitians to stage protests on their side of the border, where United Nations peacekeepers (Ministtah) try to calm the demonstrators.

The border was militarized Friday when several Dominicans were wounded during a confrontation with Haitians who tried to enter Dajabón, across the bridge on the Masacre River. Dominican authorities had announced that the traditional bi-national market would be opened Monday morning and met yesterday in the local City Council to coordinate actions aimed at keeping the residents of the community La Vigia, where the victim lived, from obstructing the business activity.

Dajabón governor Miguel Cruz and the victim’s relatives will visit the Justice and Foreign Relations ministries tomorrow, to ask for the extradition of the Haitian Wilson Tipa, accused of committing the crime to steal a motorcycle. Cruz told reporters that the incidents set off by the murder in his city since Friday wouldn’t jeopardize relations between the neighboring countries.

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