Cuba Needs “Young Blood” says Silvio Rodríguez


Silvio Rodríguez, in a press conference during his visit to Asunción, Paraguay, has spoken candidly about the political situation in Cuba. The Cuban Revolution, he told reporters, “needs change” and “young blood” that can build on the work of those of those “compatriots who made the Revolution possible.” According to Rodriguez, “there are realities, measures, situations, that our society has to change.” This is not the first time that Rodríguez has suggested that changes are needed within the Cuban leadership. He and fellow Nueva Trova singer Pablo Milanés have called for “new blood” and greater openness in the hierarchies of power in Cuba. Rodríguez, for example, has consistently suggested that the Cuban government needs to eliminate the expensive and cumbersome process required for Cubans to obtain exit visas in order to travel abroad. Cubans now face daunting restrictions if they wish to travel outside of Cuba.

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