Harry Belafonte’s Teachable Moment


Larry Elder, writing for The Patriot Post (a conservative online magazine that occasionally—usually unwittingly–amuses) has published a list of its 10 ‘Teachable’ Race Summits in Search of a Beer. “President Obama teaches us to address ‘race-based’ disputes by seating the parties involved — along with Vice President Joe Biden — at his table over mugs of beer,” Elder writes. “We hereby offer candidates for 10 long-overdue presidential ‘Race Beer Summits.’” At number 4 is Jamaican-born singer, actor, and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte:

4) Harry Belafonte and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

“There’s an old saying in the days of slavery,” said Belafonte in 2002. “There are those slaves who lived on the plantation, and there were those slaves who lived in the house. You got the privilege of living in the house if you served the master. Colin Powell was permitted to come into the house of the master.”

If you want to see the other nine, you can go to http://www.patriotpost.us/opinion/larry-elder/2009/08/06/10-teachable-race-summits-in-search-of-a-beer.html

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