New Book: Lime Tree Can’t Bear Orange


Trinidad & Tobago serves as the idyllic backdrop for the novel, Lime Tree Can’t Bear Orange, by Irish-Trinidadian author Amanda Smyth.  This summer the novel made Oprah Winfrey’s 2009 summer reading list, 25 Books You Can’t Put Down, which appeared in the July edition of O: The Oprah Magazine and Smyth uses images from her childhood to paint the picture of Celia, a young girl in the 1950s searching for love, identity and a place to call home. Published in paperback format on June 30, 2009, the novel starts out in sleepy Black Rock village in Tobago and transports the reader to the cosmopolitan city of Port of Spain. Below are sample reviews of the novel:

“The Caribbean’s tropical sights and smells permeate Smyth’s moving debut novel, but all is not paradise. . . Smyth paints a vivid portrait of a naïve young girl who learns some hard truths about herself and her family, but though Celia’s story is not always happy, it’s arresting and powerful, a shining testament to human resilience.” — Miami Herald

“Like Alice Walker, Smyth vividly and empathetically re-creates the gender and racial tensions in a culture’s past, making them newly relevant.” — ELLE

[Many thanks to Jennifer Johnson for providing this information.]

For more information on the novel and the first chapter, see

For more information on Trinidad and Tobago, see

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