Art in Barbados: Rasheed Boodhoo


Bajan artist Rasheed Boodhoo, an artist since the early 1970s (People’s Art Movement), has reinvented himself and “resurfaced onto the arts scene with a new outlook,” reports Enricco Bohne in his article, “By the stroke of the lens… painting history on a digital canvas.” Now a photo artist, Boodhoo says that what is convenient and rewarding about his new technique is that he likes “to capture history so that the moments live forever.” The idea began when, pressed by a lack of time, he bought a camera to take photos and then paint from the image. As he started taking photographs, he decided to use the camera to paint with. Boodhoo states, “I do not like to call myself a photographer, I don’t have the skill, knowledge and training of the photographers we have in Barbados. What I do as an artist is paint with the camera, things that you know and you see and try to take it the way that you don’t see it.” He now has over 35 000 photographs in collection (taken between 2007 and 2009).

Among Boodhoo’s exhibitions, he was a featured artist at this year’s Crop-Over Visual Arts Exhibition.  He has won many awards at NIFCA, including those for Best Black and White Image and Most Improved Photographer. He is now working on his solo exhibition for November at the Errol Barrow Centre for Creative Imagination.

For full article, see

For further information on the artist and his work, Rasheed Boodhoo may be contacted at

The artwork featured here is Rasheed Boodhoo’s “Amistad” (provided by the artist).

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