Theater in Puerto Rico: “Mariana o el alba”


 As part of the 50th Festival of Puerto Rican Theater (dedicated to Dr. Ricardo Alegría), the Institute of Puerto Rican Culture and the Luis A. Ferré Center for Fine Arts present “Mariana o el alba” [Mariana or the Dawn], written by “Generation of the 40s” playwright René Marqués in 1964. This theatrical production runs from July 31 to August 23, 2009.

“Mariana o el Alba” is based on the historical event called “El Grito de Lares” [The Cry of Lares] in 1868, a failed attempt to overthrow Spanish rule and gain independence for Puerto Rico, and the role of patriotic figure, Mariana Bracetti (1825–1903), who knitted the flag that was meant to be the symbol of the sovereign republic.

Directed by Pablo Cabrera, the play’s cast includes leading actors Cordelia González and Braulio Castillo, Jr. In his review, “Una escenografía lírica de Martorell en Mariana o el Alba,” Jorge Rodríguez reports on the stunningly poetic and stylized scenography executed by foremost visual artist, Antonio Martorell, who endows the play with timelessness and lyrical minimalism.

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