Emancipation Day in Grenada


Today is Emancipation Day in Grenada. Emancipation Day or Freedom Day, as it was formerly called, originally came into being in Guyana. It is a public holiday celebrating the abolition of slavery. Although officially acknowledged worldwide as August 1, Grenada’s Emancipation Day is celebrated on the first Monday of August, with numerous cultural activities planned for both Grenada and Carriacou. These include the Emancipation Day Parade, dance and music presentations, arts and crafts exhibitions, and various types of celebration throughout the islands. On Emancipation Day, the Prime Minster of Grenada delivers a speech about the economic state and development of the country, its financial sector, relations with other countries, and about the welfare of the population.

This day is a carnival of fun and joy in Grenada. From morning on Emancipation Monday, Grenada’s streets are totally filled with masqueraders depicting the devils and performing social commentary. They are accompanied by dances and sounds of steel bands and DJ music. Later in the evening, the bands put on a show followed by lots of dancing, waving of bright lights, and fireworks displays.

For more information, see http://www.aglobalworld.com/holidays-around-the-world/grenada-emancipation-day/

Photo from http://www.jaunted.com/story/2007/8/6/224841/3649/travel/Grenada+Tourism+Board+Boasts+Boat+Races+and+Parties

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