Barbados’ Grand Kadooment and Crop Over Finale


The 2009 King and Queen of the Bands were crowned in Barbados over the weekend as Grand Kadooment brought an official end to the 2K9 Crop Over season today [also see The Barbados Crop Over]. The Ooutraje Festival Band and the Gwyneth Squires Grand Kadooment Band captured the King and Queen prizes of the Crop-Over Bands respectively this year.

On Saturday night Trevor Chase was crowned King of the Bands Gwyneth Squires’ Lynn Callender was crowned Queen of the Bands during the Lime Banks Pic-o-De Crop Finals at Kensington Oval. This was Chase’s fifth time as King. This year he won as Mukuru, the African god of agriculture and harvest. The costume highlighted the efforts of ancestors in the development of Barbados. Squires paid homage to the culture and people of Barbados depicting the “Hidden Treasures” (carried by Callender) in different tones of blues and pinks, “a reminder of the spiritual connections with the universe as the true definition of beauty itself, which lies in every aspect of our lives.”  Red Plastic Bag captured the Lime/Banks Pic-o-De-Crop calypso monarch at Kensington Oval, while Edwin Yearwood won the People’s Monarch contest with his song “In The Middle of the Road.”

Today, August 3, 2009, beautifully costumed local masqueraders and visitors “are set to dance, jump, wine and wuk-up” for approximately four miles in the ultimate party parade from the National Stadium to Spring Garden Highway.

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