North American culture threatens Kalinago people


The newly-elected chief of Dominica’s Kalinago people has expressed his concern about how the influence of the outside world, particularly North American culture, is depleting the culture of Dominica’s indigenous people. “We are being plagued with the same problems that affect the youth across the country. Certainly there is no doubt that the impact of the Black Entertainment Television is having an effect on us. We are being bombarded with these negativities and our culture is being dragged from underneath our feet,” he said.

Joseph said it is evident in the way some Kalinago youth wear their clothes,the music they entertain and the way they speak. Once he is sworn in as carib chief, Joseph said he is hoping to work in collaboration with the Government and ministry of education to ensure that the culture of the Carib people become an integral part in the schools syllabus. In fact he told Dominica News Online, that he is hoping that it would become mandatory. “Within my five years tenure, I am hoping that the ministry of education will work with me to ensure that the Carib history is taught in schools around the country. We need to allow the children to become more aware of our culture. This has been lacking in Dominican schools. It doesn’t teach about the Kalinago history and that is bad,” he said.

Joseph is expected to be sworn in sometime in September.

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