Cuba honors two Trinidad and Tobago panmen


Ian Clarke and Fitzroy Henry, members of Pan Trinbago Trinidad and Tobago, were honored by Cuba’s Casa del Caribe for their contribution to the development of the Cobre Steelband of Cuba. They received certificates and Leters of Recognition sent to Trinidad via Cuban Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago, His Excellency Sergio Oliva Guerra, on behalf of Casa del Caribe.

Clarke and Henry, long standing members of Pan Trinbago, were honored for their participation in a cultural exchange program between Cuba and Trinidad and Tobago sponsored by Pantrinbago Inc., a non-profit body incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago dedicated to the promotion and development of the steelpan and pannists worldwide. The organization has been recognized nationally and internationally for its excellent work spanning several decades and is the holder of the Trinity Cross, Trinidad and Tobago’s highest national award. “Cultural exchanges of this nature are the type of exchanges this Ministry is willing to support; exchanges which ensure the transfer of skills and more than that, serve to propel the Ministry’s objectives for supporting the development of the steelpan as a creative industry,” Deputy PS Lewis said. Pan Trinbago President Patrick Arnold who was also present for the certificate handover spoke about the importance of the work of men like Clarke and Henry.
On accepting his certificate, Panman Ian Clarke said he felt humbled by the token of appreciation from the people of Cuba. Panman Fitzroy Henry, after receiving his certificate and letter said the gesture by Cuba touched his heart. Both men expressed their profound gratitude to Cuba for the recognition. In its Letter of Recognition, Cuba’s Casa del Caribe thanked Trinidad and Tobago profusely, saying, “We are sure this gesture will unite our peoples even more.”

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