Admiral Rodney Extra Old rum from St. Lucia

Admiral Rodney’s series on rums continues with an entry on Admiral Rodney Extra Old Saint Lucia Rum. The rum, named after the British naval officer responsible for the victory against France at the Battle of the Saintes on April 9, 1782. The rum, Robert Burr writes, “presents a deep mahogany reddish-brown color that suggests long maturing in used bourbon oak barrels. The nose offers oak and brown sugar, spices and toffee. Soft flavors of dried fruits and honey build to a warm and spicy medium-bodied richness. The finish is medium to long, warm, sweet and woody.”

Admiral Rodney is a premium rum aged 8 to 12 years which reflects the admiralty’s preference for full-flavored Navy style blends. It has a complexity of warm, dark tones that play well in a snifter or on the rocks. It can also deliver a hearty, deep and robust rum flavor to premium cocktails that desire a tropical spirit.

The island of St Lucia once featured many small plantation distilleries, remnants of which can still be found around the countryside. By the 1950s there were only two operational distilleries left on island — one of which was the Barnard Family Estate in Dennery, which was for the most part producing strong white rums. In 1972 the Barnards entered into a joint venture with Geest and moved their operations to the current location in the Roseau Valley. As sugar production had ended by then, the molasses is shipped from Guyana into the bay at Roseau, then pumped into storage tanks at the distillery. Angostura purchased a stake in the company in 1998.

St. Lucia Distillers Group prides itself on its commitment to product development and offers more than 25 rums and rum products — from premium rums like Admiral Rodney and Chairman’s Reserve to liqueurs and rum creams, such as Castries, to popular mixing rums.

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Photo: Robert Burr

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