Agencia EFE to Exhibit Photos in Dominican Republic


Agencia EFE, the Spanish international news service, and Spain’s Cultural Center in Santo Domingo will sponsor the “España Diversa” photo exhibit in the northern Dominican city of Santiago. The exhibit, which features 50 photographs by EFE photographers, reflects the cultural, social and geographic richness and variety of the Iberian nation.
The photos capture an assortment of traditions, including the food-fight festival known as the “Tomatina” at Buñol in Valencia, the beating drums of San Sebastian’s “Tamborrada” in the Basque region, and Catalonia’s “Castellers,” or human towers. “España Diversa” attempts to “define Spanish identity through a selection of photos that combine the strength of tradition with the energy of modernity,” according to the director of the Cultural Center of Spain in Santo Domingo, Fernando Rueda. The photos also feature the diversity of Spanish architecture, from old traditional Galician granaries where harvests were stored, to mosques like the one in Cordoba, Rueda said. The exhibition, which will subsequently move to the Dominican capital, is the second photography exhibition that Efe and the Cultural Center of Spain have organized in the Caribbean country. Last year, they also sponsored an architectural photo exhibit, “From Gaudi to Calatrava.”

Photo: Santo Domingo Street Scene by Arturo Rafael Lantigua (EFE)

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