Time Out Dubai Reviews Spain Rodriguez’s Che comic


In an interesting article that looks at Che Guevara’s legacy through several recent books, Time Out Dubai had this to say about Spain Rodríguez’s comic book biography of the Cuban revolutionary hero:

Spain Rodriguez’s book has no such ambitions. What could be more suited to a superhero than a cartoon? These moody monochrome strips give a mainly linear account of Che’s life from the middle class home in Rosario to his assassination in Bolivia, with very occasional location switches to Washington DC, Batista’s Havana and Mexico – where others were missing Che, reading about him or plotting to kill him. The pithy dialogue, action-packed drawings and sheer speed of Guevara’s busy life make this a pacy read, not to mention a great resource if you want to convert your kids to Marxism. Rodriguez makes no attempt to decode the Guevara myth or hide his own political leanings, but the medium here raises its own questions: why has Che become seemingly untouchable, the ultimate icon? Can a graphic homage reclaim any aspect of the real man and rescue him from commodification?

You can find the review at http://www.timeoutdubai.com/knowledge/features/9703-revolutionary-read

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