Patricia Powell’s new novel


Jamaican novelist Patricia Powell, author of the award winning A Small Gathering of Bones and The Pagoda, has just published her latest novel, The Fullness of Everything (Peepal Tree Press). It follows its protagonist’ reluctant decision to return to Jamaica after 25 years in the United States when a telegram arrives informing him of his father’s imminent death. Told through the perspectives of Winston and his estranged brother, Septimus, the novel becomes the story of their attempts to heal the breach between them, and become the kind of men who might be able to sustain a loving relationship. The press release describes it thus: “Powerful, absorbing, always moving and sometimes painfully funny, Patricia Powell’s new novel seamlessly combines an intense psychological realism with magical elements that are no surprise to her characters, but will surprise and delight her readers. Tough and unsentimental as it is, the novel has much to say about the power of forgiveness and the possibility of transcending hurt.”

The novel was recently reviewed by Jamaica’s Gleaner, which had this to say:

Patricia Powell paints her word pictures in minute detail and in warm, rich colours. Not like the broad, bland strokes used by some writers. Instead, she takes delight in describing each and every person, location and situation in great detail. She does so very well.

. . .

It is a powerful, poignant, unsentimental story – a must-read for those who appreciate good writing, the peculiarities and possibilities inherent in human relationships and the amazing capacity for love and forgiveness that can be found in each human heart.

For the complete review go to

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