Lali Lalie’s paintings in New York City


The paintings of Guadeloupean artist, Lali Lalie will be part of a show at the Agora Gallery at 530 West 25th Street in Chelsea, NY, from July 21st through August 11th. Lalie’s abstracted oil paintings, the gallery’s website explains, “reduce the world to the bare essentials, stripping away aesthetics and artifice, and seeking out the hidden beauty of the reality that lies beneath. Her works are rich with unusual colors, and alive with a powerful gestural movement, revealing that beauty exists in every aspect of life, from the terrifying to the mesmerizing. Reflecting the cultural melting pot of Caribbean society, Lali Lalie’s paintings are influenced by an intercontinental assortment of traditions, but adhere to none. Instead they present her unique, unabashed look at the world and the discoveries she continues to make.”

Born in Guadeloupe, Lalie has exhibited her work internationally, in the Caribbean, Europe, and Asia including at the prestigious art fairs in Shanghai and Guangzhou, China.

There is an opening reception on Thursday July 23, 2009, from 6-8pm.

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