Haitian Art Exhibition in Arc-et-Senans, France

HaitiArtA Haitian art exhibition opened yesterday, July 15, 2009, at Saline Royale [Royal Saltworks] in Arc-et-Senan, France, and ends on August 20.

Hosted by the Les Amis d’Haïti or Zanmi Lòtbòdlo [Friends of Haiti] association for the fifth consecutive year, the exhibition/sale event is meant to create awareness of Haitian art while supporting humanitarian projects in Haiti. Proceeds of the sale will go to funding children’s schooling, teachers’ salaries, clinics, and community nutrition centers.

The Haitian art exhibition is divided into categories such as painting (which has become featured more and more in major museum projects), wooden sculpture (using mahogany, oak, or driftwood), and metal work (in tin, iron, and recycled metals). Most of the artists featured in this show are internationally recognized, but efforts have also been made to represent newer talent.

The Royal Saltworks building is a UNESCO World Heritage site designed by architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux in 1775.

For full article (in French), see http://www.haitipressnetwork.com/news.cfm?articleID=12104

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