Kassav’ Celebrating 30 Years of Zouk in Toronto


The celebrated French-Antillean group Kassav’, also known as the Legends of zouk, will start their summer concert season celebrating 30 years in music, on Friday, July 24, 2009, 9pm at the Phoenix Concert Theatre, located at 410 Sherbourne Street in Toronto, Canada.

Sponsored by LIP Entertainment (Lance Ingleton Promotions) during the past few years, Kassav’ has become an annual presence in the Toronto summer concert season. [For more information Kassav’ and zouk, see our previous post, Kassav’ in Paris.] This year, they have been on a world tour commemorating the 30 year anniversary of the group’s creation in 1979.

For schedule information, see www.lipentertainment.com 

Photo from http://www.toronto-lime.com/news/news_2007_kassav_in_toronto.htm

3 thoughts on “Kassav’ Celebrating 30 Years of Zouk in Toronto

  1. To you who have grown me up, upon your sweet singing of souk i have lived and still living to it’s vibe and message. I forever be thankfulfor your words and love. May god bless you all and rest in peace to Kassav former member Le grand Patrick.

    Africa Loves u……………………………..

    David Bengui Pedro


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