Ziggy Marley’s duet with Michael Jackson

zig One of the many recording tracks left in musical limbo after Michael Jackson’s death features the vocals of Ziggy Marley. Jackson called Marley shortly after 9/11, asking him to add guest vocals to a song. Marley obliged, but never heard back, and the song, as far as he knows, was never released. “Michael called me when I was in the studio,” Marley tells Spinner, “and I spoke to him and he said he really needs me to do this, and he gave me a whole thing about what it was about.” Marley recorded a vocal, but never followed up. He’s not sure if the song was ever completed, noting, “Somebody has to find out.”
Ziggy, eldest son of Bob Marley, met Michael Jackson for the first time in 1974, when the Jackson 5 visited Jamaica.  Ziggy, now 40, says, “I was really young, and he was much older than me, but it was a big deal. It was the Jackson 5!”

 See the complete report at http://www.spinner.com/2009/07/07/ziggy-marley-searching-for-his-duet-with-michael-jackson/

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