New Book on Haiti: Une Société parallèle

60929 UNE SOCIETE:GABARIT 13,5x21,5Une Société parallèle: La vocation du people, Essai sur le de dédoublement de la société haïtienne [A Parallel Society: The People’s Calling, Essay on the Splitting of Haitian Society (2009)] has just appeared in the L’Harmattan series L’Autre Caraïbe.

Through a conscientious analysis, the authors, Charles Daly Faustin and Edouard Roberson, defend the hypothesis that there are two distinct societies coexisting in Haiti today. According to the authors, this division has produced two concurrent, divergent national projects in mind. This essay tries to determine what space to attribute to the discourses and explanations characteristic of the vast rural and suburban majority in Haiti in the search for solutions to extensive problems of underdevelopment, where to find these explanations, and how to broach them in a coherent way.

Une Société parallèle has a preface by art historian Carlo A. Célius and an afterword by Haitian scholar Maximilien Laroche.

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