Nadia Bishop to be honored


Nadia Bishop, daughter of assassinated Prime Minister of Grenada Maurice Bishop, who was killed by members of his own inner circle 25 years ago, will be honored on Sunday, August 3rd, in San Rafael California, during a ceremony commemorating the 12th Annual International Forgiveness Day. Bishop, who lived in Oakland, California, recently met with those who killed her father and called on the people of Grenada to join her in forgiving them.

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  1. I totally agree with Nadia Bishop, as forgiveness is always the best and right thing to do. Life is too short and hard as it is already, forgive and make peace I say. The lord says forgive, god bless you all.

    Love Maurice Bishop 2nd Cousin from London UK.

  2. I’m related to Maurice Bishop’s former wife, Angela Redhead, on my father’s side.

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  3. “Big Sky, Little Bullet,” “How Grenada Won World War 2”, & “Grenada: A History of People.” are good books.

    “Great Moments in Aviation,” “Heartbreak Ridge, & Resilient Hearts,” & “Island in the Sun” are good movies.

  4. Christopher Garvin Shears

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  6. Blood from a stone is an interesting book. Back in the early 1990’s, John Grisham came out with a book, a time to kill.

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  8. The USSR, Germany, and Italy have no written record of colinies in the Caribbean, only the English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swiss.

    John 3: 16. Light came into the world, but the world loved darkness more than light because their deeds were evil. Hebrews 8:13. The old is passing away. I will put an end to all flesh.

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    Grenada’s Marxism was an experiment that went wrong. The white man created that.

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  77. Congradulations to Jennifer Hosten. The first black Miss World from Grenada. Cousin Jenifer.

  78. I will put enmity between you and the woman, your offspring and her offspring. He’ll strike your head, & you will strike him on the heel. As for the man and woman, they were expelled and driven out the garden. So the lord said to the serpent, because you have done this, on your belly you would go, and you shall eat dust all the days of your life. And God said to Adam because you have harkened to your wife, you shall eat bread and the herb of the field, and thorns and thistles it should give to you. For dust you are, and dust you will return.

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  85. My ex-girlfriend wrote a book: Ferocious Eros, Power, Eroticism, and Female Subjectivity in Angela Carter’s Fiction in the 1990s.

  86. I am a brown skin black. My parents are lighter than me. I get my dark skin from my grandmother who probably came from Biafra West Africa or the Congo. My father is Mestizo. White, black, Spanish, and Native American. My mother is creole, mulatto (black, white (creolized Asian) and Ethiopian once removed from the 1930s. People have been mixing in the Caribbean for 400 years. I took English, French, and Spanish in school. But, I spoke English at home. I have English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese from my great- grand parents on four sides of the family. I have lower, middle, and upper class in me, though I was born into a poor family. I have beauty queen, nobility, politician on both sides of my family. I don’t think I’m Jesus though because I wasn’t born 2,000 years ago. I did take Maurice Bishop’s execution to the cross though.

  87. I’m sorry my writing is not white washed enough. I am only a B student. I am clumsy. I make mistakes all the time.

  88. My ex-girl friend wrote a paper, “Jesus and Marxism.” One was from Kenya, the other from Taiwan. They are probably married now. The promised land didn’t go to the first generation. The second generation didn’t get it. Israelites, hebrews, ancient Egyptians were led to Judah by Moses. Prince of Egypt is a good movie. It has a depection of Joseph and Moses. Lion king also has the same theme. I have East Indians in my family.

  89. I’m man enough, I’m going to face my demons. Stand by me. I don’t smoke, drink, do drugs, or gamble. Most of my friends did these things, even prostitution, and some of my family members. What happens when you are up shit creek. San Francisco, the City of Sodom and Gommorah.

  90. I was referred to as the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. My children are adopted. You hypocrite, first remove the plank and speck from your eye before you judge your bother’s eye. Afghistan is for family. Iraq and Iran. One brother wanted to be black, the other white. A brother that’s pink who looks like they’re black. Isreal has become a world power. Jericho.

  91. God lifted me out of Egypt with a powerful blow. I don’t own a car, TV, computer, raidio, cell phone. In the past, I had had a phone, TV, radio. The only electronic thing I own is a clock. I don’t do drugs, smoke, drink, or gamble. Most of my friends and some of my family members did those things. A mind is a terrible thing to waste. I currently don’t have a job, not married, and have children. In the past I had these things.

  92. I’m not living up to the American dream. My spelling goes wrong sometimes. It’s just me and Jesus.

  93. Sorry if I don’t capitalize some of my letters. Henry Osmundo Creque, a politician’s son from the British Virgin Islands said that he is a pure unadulterated faggot. I am a pure unadurated faggot too.

  94. I want to die peacefully in my sleep. Seems to me that when I die, these words would be written on my stone: good, faithful, servant.

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  100. Eve, what it would do for her, she would go on to become the mother of all living. Adam died, she didn’t die.

  101. The devil, Lucifer, and Satan are spirits. They can change. Holy Spirit you are welcomed here. I have a spirit and soul.

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  103. My good friend took his life. Four out of twelve did the same thing. My half brother got shot.

  104. Emma, my first girlfriend, was a beast. Wenli was the devil in disquise. They are both married now. My best friend, Steve, was the devil.

  105. I can’t go one step higher to the papacy. But i don’t know what God has in store for me. I beleive in the English monarchy, prostentantism and the Holy Roman Empire, and his holiness the Pope.

  106. I don’t beileve in gay marriage. Only about 4 out of 1000 people in Grenada get married.

  107. They asked me to be sergeant at arms for 14 years now: but, I don’t think i want to carry a gun after i ended up in Stanford hospital with a nasty scar on my palm. I don’t know how it happened. I came close to dying. I got knocked out after my friend, David took his life.

  108. I think abortion should only be legal in the case of rape or incest, form of birth control no!

  109. I think the baby boomer generation should move aside. I don’t understand your generation. I wasn’t able to trust my own mother. You guys dealt with woman’s rights, civil rights. Generation X suffer from genocide, abortion, economic inequality, and gays. We were slackers when we were young; but as we got older, we were creative, practical, independent, and knowledgeable about technology. One day our generation is going to rule the population. I don’t know about generation Y. All I know is that they are not dependent on the baby boomers.

  110. The US has to come to an ultimatum between Ukraine and Grenada. Are you going to be a Christian, break bread (Kansas and Ukraine, areas being wheat farming), or Grenada (nutmegs on wedding cakes). If you want to divide me again with Iraq, bring it on. If you believe in Christianity and weddings, you have to come to a decision.

  111. The only times blacks were doing good in this country were the 1850s, 1920s, 1950s, 1990s. Blacks were en vogue in the 1990s like the 1920s. It was a present day decade like the Harlem Renaissance. A new Renaissance, like 500 years prior.

  112. My roomates wife, a white woman, exposed her breast in front of me and asked me about my penis size.

  113. I really don’t like the British monarchy and white people. Asians, Mexicans, Indians, Native Americans, Middle Easterner’s, and Polynesians, and Ethiopians (Eritreans) are OK. The Vatican (a disenfranchised) state is not doing their job.

  114. I need to be around my own people. White Americans and African Americans are hostile towards me. I respect my space and hope others would do the same.

  115. In the first garden, they thought we were illiterate. In the second garden, they thought we were gay. A Mexican man came in front of me. I came in front of a white man. A man sucked my nipple at a porn shop and I ejaculated. I tore up $300 dollars because I was angry with the way I was treated and being tossed around like a football. I wanted to kill somebody.

  116. An African American ejaculated in front of me in a porn shop. That is how I know he is stronger than me.

  117. I dreamed that my Aunt Joyce said she comes from royalty. It’s all out of jealousy, me, and Titanic movie.

  118. Men in my family are cursed. Dildos and masturbation, women and men in my family. IIdon’t watch child pornography. I was a molester at 17. I’m straight with a little gay experimentation. My birds saw me naked. I got exposed to the Corona Virus. They said I tested positive for it; but I don’t think I have it.

  119. I’m full of crap. My family members start hating me because I’m better than them. I have friends from all races, all world religions. My friends and family members took my ex-girlfriend. Blood is thicker than water. I don’t know if my male cousins masturbate. They aren’t gay. Some of them rebelled. It’s only myself that is gay and my uncle. I had to answer to God about my sins. Some of my friends might of been gay, but never exposed it. Haleemah Hall said Henry was funky; she might have been gay too. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

  120. 7 US presidents were rumored to be gay or bi-sexual: James Buchanan, John F Kennedy, Barack Obama. Lyndon B. Johnson, Amexander Hamilton, Abraham Lincoln, Bill and Hill’ Clinton. Some members of the British Monarchy were rumored to be gay.

  121. In these last days, men would become lovers of themselves, disobedient to their parents and ungrateful. they would love themselves and their money. They will be boastful and proud, and scoffing at God. My birds saw me naked.

  122. 7 billion people on the planet, and we’re all living with AIDS, possibly myself, even though I got a 95% in Sociology of Illness and medicine at UC Berkeley.. Not even the politicians and royals are exempt from the Corona Virus. Franklin Pierce, the president, and Vanessa Williams were rumored to be gay. I was rumored to be gay as well, and members in my family. Even your cousin, Elizabeth, who was said to be childless is now in her 6th month, and will bear a child in her old age. Halle Berry is responsible for her breakups.

  123. Lion King: Can you feel the love tonight. The world for once in perfect harmony with all it’s living things.White people hide it: but blacks are different, although a white pastor announced to the congregation that I have AIDS.

  124. Some people out of anger would try to get or pass it on to someone else. Satan and Lucifer exists. I let the devil suck my penis. I tried to get AIDS by getting head. I didn’t want to live anymore. I’ve been through a lot. I had children out of wed-lock by two women. My boss, courts, job, school, they didn’t tell me. The pastor announced it to the congregation for fame. The are possibly adopted. I tried to contact their mothers; but, they gave me no answer. I told Trinity church in berkeley. Heal Africa after AIDS and Rwnada genocide.

    I have a long work history for ten years. I went to school for ten years. Ever since September 11th, no one would hire me. I only got two jobs.

  125. I tried to catch AIDS by giving heard. Dog and pig. Did you eat of the fruit that I warned you not to eat of. In the day you eat of it, your eyes would be open and you would be like God knowing good and evil. Abraham and Sarah. The free woman and her son would not get the inheritancethat doesn’t go to Hagar, the bond woman.

  126. I hate white people! I don’t know myself anymore. I wasn’t responsible for someone’s abortion and shouldn’t be charge for it. I just want to kill somebody.

  127. Ok! This is a taboo subject, but not Sade’s sweetest taboo song or “Your love is king.” I will kindly dismiss myself.

  128. I don’t think I have AIDS or Corona virus. I am living in La La land. Hebrews: in these last days I have produced a son who is heir to all things.

  129. The movie grandfathered by John Stamos with Dionne Sanders in the late 80s” is an interesting movie. Grandfathered by two women.

  130. This is a Native American concept. Like Nehemiah in the bible and colors of the Wind by Vanessa Williams. If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll kearn things you’ll never knew you never knew. I’m looking forward to this year’s Thanksgiving. Holloween is my least favorite holiday. The Native American thing is not working anymore, so I think we shall look towards Japan. Reality Bites movie, and Tiantic, love could touch just one time and last for a life time. Afghanistan, the Taliban and Japan were inspired by that movie.

  131. Underrepresented blacks were victims of genocide since I was born for close to 50 years. You go to church now and don’t see too many young people and children and hardly anyone my age group.

  132. I am sure glad that Grenada beat the UK and the British virgin Islands in cricket. My associate from Georgia Tech and his wife and kids live in the BVI. Trump’s presidency dealt with marxist anarchists. Russia is socialist: Malsheviks vs Bolsheviks. Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe. Grenada has the proletariat and petite bourgeoisie: the haves and have nots.

  133. Transylvania Romania Dracula, the devil and the Kremlin. Moscow and St. Peters berg. Catherine the great. Going through the Crusades.

  134. Come holy spirit come. The holy spirit is subservient to God the father, God the son. In the house of David a child is born.

  135. The boy who would become king. I relinquish my duties as Moses and Joseph and pass it over to my sons.

  136. Adam and Eve produced a third son in his own image after Cain raises up to kill his brother Abel. and, then men became to call on the lord. Isaac blesses Jacob. Jesus lord at thy birth.

  137. Adam and Eve have a family tree. Cain and Seth begot children until the final generation by Seth to Shem, Ham, and Japheth

  138. To Eve, God said I will greatly increase your conception. Your desire shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.

  139. Nuff respect to Kirani James in his gold, silver, bronze metals. I used to run track too. Talented at a young age, ran track, sang in the choir, played in band, lifted weights, dabbled in soccer, and danced. I only retained a third place metal in track though. I was better in my math than all my other subjects though. I got a 610 SAT math and a 630 GRE math.

  140. Mt. Saina and the Red Sea was opened. Caribbean people made their exodus through the middle passage. African Americans came over on the May Flower.

  141. We were moving mountains long before we knew we could. I will actually like to have a spiritual return to Africa rather than living there. I think we all should make the peace to the Rwanda genocide that happened 28 years ago though.

  142. I will actually like to make a spiritual return to Africa rather than living there. Brazil has the largest number of black people outside of Africa while Nigeria is the most populace. Half the people live in the North are Muslims while half are in the South. I am glad that the first African Miss World came from Nigeria. Three women won the Miss universe crown, from Botswana, Angola, and South Africa. I am glad Kirani James won medals in the London, Brazil, and Tokyo olympics.

  143. Half the people in most African countries are Christians while half are Muslims, like Nigeria and Ethiopia.

  144. You shouldn’t call Muslims, Christians, Jews and angels gay. You shouldn’t call a farmer gay as well.

  145. I think Rihanna is much better than Beyonce. “Irreplaceable” vs “sorry you got caught). You got me sprung and I don’t care who sees vs “this is a private show.” Rihanna: Tuesday (India, we can’t make yesterday’s mistake). Most of those black female celebrities are jealous of Vanessa Williams. Helen of Troy: The face that launched a 1,000 ships. 60 valiant men of Isreal prepared for battle. I’m not a 100% student. Army of 10,000 men. “Your love is one in a million.” “Cross my heart and I hope to die, though I said it 1,000,000 times. “There’s a million reasons why i should give you up.”

  146. I have two persectives on genocide in my family. My mother says I don’t have to accept it. My aunt said no news is good news. California is a golden state. Rihanna could be a replica of my mother. Beyonce and Oprah could be a replica as a pastor at Phillips Temple church in Berkeley.

  147. Mathew 12:31 Love your neighbor as yourself. God is not through with me yet. Hindus believe in karma. Buddhists believe in ocean of oneness. I have East Asians in my immediate family, Taiwanese in my distant and adopted family.

  148. An old Grenadian saying, a naked free man is a nobler object than a guilded slave. Americans wonder how we do it. Slavery was abolished in Grenada in 1833. In the US, 1868. Americans wonder how we do it. When chocolate was a commodity. In the Caribbean, they say daybreak. In the US, they say sunrise. The nights are darkest right before the dawn, an old Japanese saying. The wizard of OZ. Heart, Brain, Courage. They think men in Africa don’t have a heart: The cowardly lion. They think people in the Caribbean is the scarecrow, a man without out a brain. The think African American men don’t have courage: the Tin man. In the Caribbean we have all three.

  149. A game of cards. I can’t call it. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I don’t know how the story is going to end up. Could I be fathered, after being a grandfather. Two generations. I don’t think the US beat the Afghanistan war. A bidding game. A pink flower, opium, defeated the world’s sole super power. “The weeknd, Starboy Victoria Secret Video.”

  150. Bob Marley, “Wait in Vain for your love, song.” Don’t talk to me if you think I’m dumb. “Redemption song, “We forward through this generation, triumphantly, so let’s sing the songs of freedom, because all I’ve ever heard is Redemption songs.”

  151. I had a very very good life. Prince of Egypt song, “Look at your life through heaven’s eyes.

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