. . . two tidbits on Jean Rhys


I just came across this tidbit of an anecdote about Jean Rhys in an article and thought others might enjoy it.

Rhys was once asked in a BBC interview why she had written a certain novel. She replied: “Revenge.”

Rhys is also briefly mentioned in a Wall Street Journal article on summer reading:

But literary critique in the form of a novel is not unheard of. Jean Rhys’s “Wide Sargasso Sea” retells “Jane Eyre” from the point of view of Bertha, the madwoman in the attic. Rita Copeland, a comparative literature professor at the University of Pennsylvania, calls it “a deep exploration of the political, social and racial issues that underlie Charlotte Brontë’s novel. Of course Rhys’ book is a great novel, but it’s also an important ‘reading’ of ‘Jane Eyre,’ of the Caribbean side of the story in Brontë’s novel and of the European relationship to the West Indies.”

You can find the article (“Holden Caulfield, Grumpy Old Man?”) at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB124709489282814769.html

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