Montserrat to host annual Calabash Festival in July


Montserrat’s annual Calabash Festival, now in its fourth year, will take place from 11th – 19th July 2009. The eight-day festival will include a range of events such as the Calabash Food Fair; a hike to Montserrat’s only white sand beach, Rendezvous Bay; an island bus tour; a boat tour to Plymouth; and a gala evening at the Montserrat Cultural Centre.

The gala event will be an evening of jazz with popular musician Paul Lunga and Arturo Tappin from Barbados. The festival is named for the green fruit of the calabash tree which has for centuries been an indispensable multi-purpose item in the homes of Montserratians. After being cut open and scooped out, the calabash can be used as a dish, a storage container, a lantern, musical instrument or even a handbag and it has long been identified as one of Montserrat’s cultural items.

Travelers wishing to attend the festival can take advantage of the festival package being offered by Tropical Mansion Suites.

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One thought on “Montserrat to host annual Calabash Festival in July

  1. I am very excited to learn about Montserrat’s Calabash Festival.

    I am a visual artist from Barbados and among others, I have been working with calabashes as an art form, for the past 28years. (please check my web site)

    Does the Festival also stage an exhibition of calabash artworks?

    If yes, I would be very grateful if you could send me via email all the required information
    Thank you.

    Martina Z. Pilé

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