Javier Bosques: Emerging Artist


Javier Bosques is one of the new faces in the Puerto Rican art scene, so young and talented that he has earned membership on New York’s New Museum “Younger than Jesus” guide, a list of 500 outstanding emerging artists from around the world. He has just begun making his mark with his videos and sculptures.

Born in Santurce, Puerto Rico, 23-year old Bosques took painting, photography, and ceramic courses from an early age at the Liga de Arte de San Juan [San Juan Art League]. He continued his studies at the Escuela Central de Artes Visuales [Central School of Visual Arts], and completed his B.A. at the renowned Cooper Union in New York. He spent the summer of 2008 at a residency program in Skowhegan, where he experimented in sculpture and video. He is more interested in these vehicles because he prefers to move away from the bidimensionality of painting.

For Bosques, sculptures are conversations. The artist considers sculpture in contemporary art to be “an open platform” where one can feel free to pursue a certain creative process. In this creative process, which he documents by video, his sculptures are more than tridimensional works, but rather the pieces themselves as well as everything going on around them. “There is an object or a person, and a process,” he says. Video allows Bosques to deal with issues he is thinking about at any particular moment, although he tries to maintain a certain degree of objectivity through his filming. He prefers his films to open a dialogue by which spectators are able to arrive at their own conclusions. He has presented his filmic work in the Anthology Films Archives in New York, the Spanish Cultural Center in Guatemala, and alternative collective shows in New York City, where he presently resides.

For full article (in Spanish) by Leyra E. González Pérez, and samples of his videos, see http://www.elnuevodia.com/trazadordeideas-588512.html

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