In The Bahamas: Kendra Frorup’s “Domestic Chickens”


The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas [NAGB] is offering a series of installations by contemporary Bahamian and international artists. Named “The Inner Temple Project,” the installations will be housed in the glassed in gallery on Villa Doyle’s first floor. The first exhibition will be Kendra Frorup’s “Domestic Chickens,” which will open this month (July 2009).

Frorup has been described as having a sharp “sense of humor and penchant for the monumental” that comes through very strongly in her work. Critic Lennie Bennett says, “Frorup uses things of this world to make some wonderful otherworldly sculptures. You usually know what the humble components are, but their combination and arrangement make them originals.”

Kendra Frorup was born in The Bahamas (1964). She received her BFA and MFA from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. Frorup is engaged in a full exhibition schedule and serves as assistant professor of art at the University of Tampa in Florida. The Frorup will also be featured in the NAGB’s “Artist Talk” series on Sunday, July 19 at 7:00pm, where she will discuss “Domestic Chickens” and her career trajectory to this point.

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