New book: Emerging Caribbean: A Political Geography

Emerging Caribbean

Emerging Caribbean, A Political Geography (2009), edited by Pascal Buléon, Monique Bégot, and Patrice Roth, is a cross-disciplinary study of the Caribbean, from “the age of sugar to that of globalized exchanges” that explores the region’s profound fracture lines and its many points of convergence.

According to Ian Randle Publishers, “Emerging Caribbean presents a unique tableau of the Caribbean Basin today, a geography that is both systematic and synthetic, engaging with the essential elements of its history. Here, one finds maps as different in their subject matter as environmental hazards and natural disasters, the postcolonial pathways to political independence, fiscal havens and illegal trafficking, and information technology networks.”

Pascal Buléon is Research Director at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), University of Caen, specializing in regional analysis and theory relating to society and space; Monique Bégot, a geographer, has spent most of her career training several generations of teachers and publishing in both research and pedagogy on the Caribbean; Patrice Roth, also a geographer, teaches Caribbean Studies and has collaborated on the publication of numerous school and college texts on the Caribbean Basin.

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