Artist Ulric Joseph Returns to Trinidad


Ulric Joseph left Trinidad and Tobago on a full art scholarship to study at the Maryland Institute College of Art. In a recent interview, Joseph (38), a former student at Presentation College San Fernando, described himself as fortunate because he was able to succeed in spite of his humble art beginnings. At the Maryland Institute College of Art, Joseph majored in painting and graduated with honors. He then went on to earn an M.A. in Digital Art and he remained at the college as a lecturer for six years.

After facing difficulties in obtaining U.S. citizenship, he relocated to England. There, he started his own media company and was hired to redesigned the Web site for the Trinidad and Tobago High Commission in the U.K. Now he has returned to Trinidad “armed not only with the vast knowledge he gained overseas, but also with a burning desire to give back to his homeland by way of his talents.” He is sought after for his extraordinary drawing abilities, but Joseph’s skills are diverse. These include drawing and sketching, painting, video, and graphic design. Joseph presently works out of his south Trinidad home as a multi-media designer for Fairview Media, in New Haven, Connecticut.

His art pieces are on display at the Novas Art Gallery and Campbell’s Art Gallery, both located in London, as well as the Stony Creek Art Gallery of Branford, Connecticut. Joseph explains that one of his main goals is to start a local art academy to promote the arts and to help people to recognize and utilize their artistic talents just as he was encouraged by others. He says, “In T&T there is a culture of art and I want to give back to my nation by way of education.”

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