In Martinique: Fort-de-France Cultural Festival


The Festival Culturel de Fort de France [Fort-de-France Cultural Festival] takes place this year from July 3-20, 2009. Music in concert halls and in the streets, open-air theatre, art exhibitions, and dance, and fill Martinique’s colorful capital at the annual Fort-de-France Cultural Festival, dedicated to exploring the region’s rich African and Caribbean heritage. Main performances and exhibitions are held at the Municipal Theatre, Parc Floral, and other venues.

Originating in 1970 as an exploration of African culture, when the city’s mayor was Aimé Césaire, the Festival of Fort-de-France aims to provide reflection on Caribbean culture through various types of entertainment, exploration through the arts, and community participation. Around 300 local and international artists are present each year for this Martinican festival.

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