Haiti Run-Off Election a Victory . . . for Lavalas’ Call for a Boycott


Calling the recent run-off elections “a disaster for the Lespwa government,” Haitiaction.net analyzes the recent run-off election in Haiti, during which a paltry 11% of the electorate cast their votes. Their analysis is interesting as it is offered from a witness’ perspective and offers a good sense of the power not only of Fanmi Lavalas and their call for a boycott, but of the persistence of support for the return of Aristide to power. The boycott was the result of the Conseil Electoral Provisoire’s decision to remove 14 Lavalas candidates from the ballot.

The writers conclude that at the end of the day the results were unmistakable, how the government of Haiti can certify these results as being legitimate to fill the vacant Senate seats will be put into question next week when the expected results will draw protests from almost every quarter. Lavalas is clearly the predominant political organization. Everywhere we went people were NOT talking about the election or soccer, the only thing they wanted to know from us was when President Aristide would return.

The article offers links to a full range of election coverage.

For the article go to http://www.haitiaction.net/News/HA/6_27_9/6_27_9.html

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